Revolutionizing the Future of Electric Vehicles

HydrogenXT is a Texas-based company that recognizes the societal shift towards electric vehicles (EVs) and will provide a clean and renewable energy source to power them. Founded by veteran energy executive Robert Wise, HydrogenXT has patented a unique hydrogen vehicle refueling process that will revolutionize the way we think about EVs.

HydrogenXT’s Mission

Establish hydrogen production sites as a companion to pre-existing filling stations and truck stops, eliminating hydrogen delivery costs -- first in California, then in many other locations as the demand for hydrogen-fueled vehicles grows, as it is expected to do.

Reduce hydrogen stations’ Carbon Intensity (“CI”)* to 0, making them as “green” as is currently possible.

Achieve 0 CI scores by blending natural and renewable natural gas. California requires that at least 40% of the gas utilized be renewable natural gas

Kickoff HydrogenXT’s first eight stations in July 2023 and put them into service by Q2 2024.

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About HydrogenXT

Revolutionizing Electric Vehicles with Clean, Renewable Hydrogen Fuel

HydrogenXT is a pioneering company in the field of renewable energy, with a focus on revolutionizing the transportation industry through the use of clean, renewable hydrogen fuel. Founded by energy executive Robert Wise, the company has patented a hydrogen vehicle refueling process and plans to install a network of hydrogen fueling stations throughout California. By utilizing scalable Steam Methane Reformers (SMRs) to produce hydrogen on site, HydrogenXT is poised to offer a more efficient and sustainable alternative to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.

With the growing demand for sustainable transportation, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, such as the Toyota Mirai and Hyundai Nexo, have already hit the road. These vehicles offer a longer range and shorter fueling times than conventional electric vehicles, making them an attractive option for environmentally-conscious consumers. HydrogenXT's commitment to sustainability and renewable gas credits and biogas means that we are not only filling the gap in the market for hydrogen production and dispensing, but also generating additional revenue streams through their unique refueling stations.

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Our Executive Team

Robert Wise, CEO

  • Founded HydrogenXT to develop solutions for the hydrogen infrastructure challenges faced by the energy and automotive industries

  • Involved in building the first hydrogen fueling station for BP

  • Developed patents covering both hardware and software components of uniquely scalable hydrogen fueling system

Ken Templeton, COO

  • Over 35 years of managing largescale, complex projects

  • Supply chain innovator, strategic sourcing transformation professional and technology integrator

  • EPC experience in the public and private sectors across multiple industries including technology acquisition and implementation, energy, environmental waste management and nuclear fuel cycle producer

Paul L. Hart, CFO

  • Served as a public and private company Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Director of firms trading in the United States (NASDAQ), Canada (TSX, TSX-V, CSE), and Europe

  • Many years of Board and C-level corporate experience in Investor Relations and debt and equity fund-raising

  • Prior experience as CFO in the renewable energy (Energy Storage), biotech, internet, software, venture capital and commercial banking industries

  • BA (Honors) in Neuropsychology and an MBA (Finance) from Queens University (Kingston, Ontario)

  • Chartered Accountant designation from PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and a Chartered Director designation (McMaster University/Conference Board of Canada).

Michael Marchese, CMO

  • For the past several decades, successfully operated the acclaimed branding company, Marchese Design

  • Developed identities and communications programs for many leading international brands

  • Oversees company brand identities and their interface with internal and external audiences

  • Played a major role in starting, developing and organizing marketing for publicly traded (TSX and CSE) companies in the U.S. and Canada

Peter Wallis, VP

  • 30+ Years of experience

  • President of Wallis Energy Corporation

  • Prepared proposals and negotiated contracts for over 100 MW of demand- side management contracts with utility companies including PG&E, SCE, National Grid, Eversource, NYSEG, RG&E and Bangor Hydro

  • Previously VP of Strategic Development at Ameresco

  • Performed analysis, valuation, contract negotiations, implementation, and due diligence for over 20 acquisitions

Kym Carey, Chief of Construction

  • 10+ years directing high-impact hydrogen programs within the public and private sectors

  • Managed and executed permitting and construction process for 13 hydrogen stations in California for FirstElement

  • Managed deployment programs for hydrogen and fuel cell technology at the U.S. Department of Energy

  • Serves key industry liaison for global vehicle manufacturers, policymakers and hydrogen technology innovators