Fuel Purchase Agreements

Fuel Purchase Agreements Lock in Hydrogen Costs and Supply

By 2036, California will ban the sale of new diesel trucks, requiring them by 2042 to be zero-emissions. Because electric batteries are very heavy and add truck weight, drastically lighter hydrogen fuel cells are expected to become the fuel of choice for the industry. Hydrogen offers longer trips and faster refueling than battery-cell technology, permitting less dwell time on the road. In the industry’s pioneering days, however, there will be competition for fuel supply. Being left out can be damaging to trucking businesses. Fortunately, California Trucking Association members can take advantage of a new special benefit:  a Fuel Purchase Agreement (FPA) with Hydrogen-XT. It will not only secure fuel supply but will also lock in predictable costs for the agreement’s five-year term. Only 1,000 trucks will be enrolled at the outset but those who sign up first will be assured of fuel supply and easy renewals. To secure the FPA, Hydrogen-XT needs to know how many trucks would be involved and how they are driven.

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