HydrogenXT is a sustainable initiative meeting the increasing demand for hydrogen fuel in transportation. Utilizing Steam Methane Reformation technology, production is fast, easy and low cost with high profitability through incentives.

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Ready for the HydrogenXT Highway

Increasing demand for hydrogen-powered vehicle sales results in increasing hydrogen fueling demand.

Superior Technology

Steam Methane Reformation offers the lowest production costs. On-site, fast, easy & scalable.

High Profitability

Selling hydrogen fuel with high profit margins, while benefiting from various LCFS incentives

Experienced Team

Decades of experience, ready to go.

Stations in Place

25 Letters of Intent binding -- or pending -- to build in California. Negotiating with other gas stations and truck stops for more locations.

Technology in Place

Equipment selected – purchase agreements set up for production, storage, and dispensing.

Download our Investor Presentation

Download our investor presentation to learn more about the HydrogenXT Highway initiative's profitability, sustainability, and growth strategies. Get valuable insights into the experienced team, technology, target market, and competitive advantages.


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